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Facebook is getting rid of Facebook mobile Analytics app + desktop Analytics

Facebook is getting rid of Facebook mobile Analytics app + desktop Analytics
Facebook is getting rid of Facebook mobile Analytics app + desktop Analytics

Do you use the Facebook mobile Analytics app + desktop Analytics? As you may have heard, Facebook is getting rid of the tools on June 30th, 2021. The 'announcement' was very quietly pushed out via this Business Help Center update - along with emails sent to some users.

"Facebook Analytics will no longer be available after June 30, 2021. Until then, you can download charts and tables, access reports and explore insights." See this URL: -- BUT, yes, you can for sure still access ALL Insights and Analytics via the other platforms mentioned below. The FB Analytics API will still be intact and third-party apps will continue to work, as well.]

Typical of Facebook, they are ditching the Analytics app (launched at F8 2018) as apparently no one really used it. According to AdExchanger, most developers prefer more robust products analytics tools, such as Amplitude or Mixpanel.

So, the bad news is marketers have less than one months to export their data and find other solutions. However, the good news is that Facebook already offers several alternatives to understand and evaluate your performance on its platforms, including:

✔︎ FACEBOOK BUSINESS SUITE - which allows you to manage your business' Facebook, Instagram and Messenger accounts in one place, and can show you detailed insights about your audience, content and trends.

[Check if you have access to FB Business Suite by going to - that may pull up Business Manager if you have it set up, which is a different tool from Business Suite. Alas, Business Suite is NOT fully rolled out to all users yet, causing a fair bit of confusion, TBH. Facebook actually has the lofty goal of making Business Suite the ONLY interface businesses need to manage their activity on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. This is all part of Zuck's interoperability plans ... a.k.a. 'baking together' all Facebook owned apps. WhatsApp will be added next. So long as the mega apps are baked together, they can't be 'unbaked,' right?! ]

✔︎ FACEBOOK ADS MANAGER - here, you can view, make changes and see results for all your Facebook campaigns, ad sets and ads.

✔︎ EVENTS MANAGER - this tool helps you set up and manage Facebook Business Tools like the Facebook pixel and Conversions API, and reports actions taken on your website, in your app and in your physical store.

Will you miss Facebook Analytics app?


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